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Journey to Iceland

For those of you who don't know, Page of Air has mostly been a one person show. Partly Covid related, partly logistically related,  I was a one person shop for nearly three years in a very small town in a small cabin in East Tennessee.  On the plus side, this allowed me to play and create worlds that I might have dreamed of as a child.  While that time was formative and healing, it was time to move on, into the world, and share my talents in a different capacity, to find community, connection. I had the fortunate opportunity to take my first steps from living in a cabin to participating in an artist residency called SIM in Reykjavik, Iceland...

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Home Goods

More and more I've been thinking of adding home goods to the site.  Antiques are ubiquitous in East Tennessee and finding timeless treasures here is a great way to keep you occupied in the midst of that annoying hum of an impeding apocalypse.  For some reason I've become obsessed with tea pots.  There's such a weird and eclectic array here that I've started a bizarre collection of alice in wonderland type pots.  I'm reluctant to share them with you all...but I may have to part with them sometime soon so look for the on site sometime in the Spring.

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