Journey to Iceland

For those of you who don't know, Page of Air has mostly been a one person show. Partly Covid related, partly logistically related,  I was a one person shop for nearly three years in a very small town in a small cabin in East Tennessee.  On the plus side, this allowed me to play and create worlds that I might have dreamed of as a child.  While that time was formative and healing, it was time to move on, into the world, and share my talents in a different capacity, to find community, connection.
I had the fortunate opportunity to take my first steps from living in a cabin to participating in an artist residency called SIM in Reykjavik, Iceland this past September through to December/January.  The experience was invaluable; I've met such wonderful people I'll be connected to for a long time and hope one day to collaborate with.  
What can I say about Iceland?  It is pure and elemental.  A place where you just have to surrender/not resist to the elements.  Whether staying indoors for periods of time due to insane winds, soaking in hot baths, feeling the alive earth beneath your feet, or witnessing the birth of a volcano, Iceland reminds you of what it's like to be part of this planet.  Simply to be and to feel, to feel nurtured by Mother Earth.  A much needed reset.  
In terms of vintage and antiques?  not so great, it's an island of 350.000, you know.....just a heads up!  In terms of textiles and knitwear though? GOLD. Children are taught how to knit in school!  I die.  Anyway, below are some highlights from my trip.  I hope you enjoy!  Much love, and more journal entries soon, because well, I'm now in Italy, and that's a whole other story. 

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  • Alexandra

    connecticut/rhode island/nevada, USA
    thanks for this beautiful website! unfortunately your mohair chartreuse sweater was sold..I was inspired to look for this color after seeing the clothes in the re-make of Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Your site and photography is also inspiring! Sounds like we are both artists…and I appreciate your message. Thanks!

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