Springtime in Le Cure

Springtime in Le Cure

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Taken on a tiny pedestrian bridge overlooking a stream that runs through the Florentine neighborhood of Le Cure.  


For Page of Air's 5th anniversary, I decided to try something new (or old) and snap photos of people and places in Tuscany using quirky film cameras sourced at the local flea markets.   For this series, I used a medium format Yashica MAT124 camera from 1968.  I've had some requests for prints so I thought I'd make them available to everyone.  I hope you enjoy these experiments in photography.  

Each print is 10 x 10cm on Baryta Prestige fine art paper and can include a passe-partout or mat border if desired at additional cost.  If you have any questions, or desire a custom print, please message us at pageofair@gmail.com 

All my love, Ambar